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You get to be a kid, too!

Lion Country Safari


Come experience the fun at Lion Country Safari and view over 1,000 wild animals and 95 species in the 320+ acre drive-thru safari park!

Experience a 4-mile drive-thru preserve and walk-thru safari with endless things to do!  Encounter up close and personal animal feedings, a petting zoo, enjoy exciting amusement park rides and games, animal exhibits, an animal theater, restaurant, picnic area, gift shops, and a FREE 4,000 square foot water sprayground!


The Drive-Thru Safari


We’ve been to Lion Country Safari a few times and it definitely does not disappoint!  It’s such a fun way to spend a day away!

Plan to go early!  The animals are most active early and as it gets warmer throughout the day, they have a tendency to spend more time in the shade or in the water trying to stay cool.  If it’s raining, don’t cancel your visit!  The park officials actually say the best time to visit is when it is raining.  The animals generally love the cooler, wet weather so plan on visitng anyways!

The drive-thru safari will take at least an hour or longer if you want to just sit and observe.  You will see every animal from rhinos to lions to ostriches to zebras to monkeys to giraffes and SO much more!  Every animal that you think would be in an African safari will be there for you to see and enjoy.


Ostriches enjoying their daily meal.


The beautiful zebra!


My favorite animal is the rhino.  They are HUGE and just such a beautiful animal to see strut around!  We literally had a rhino walk side-by-side with our car for a while and we were able to just sit and gaze at its beauty.  They are absolutely magnificent!


What a beauty!


A herd of these beauties hanging out!


The drive-thru safari is split into seven different preserves to ensure you get to see all of the safari animals; Las Pampas, Ruaha National Park, Kalahari Bushveldt, Gir Forest, Gorongosa Reserve, Serengeti Plains, and the Hwange National Park.  All of the animals roam openly throughout the many acres except for the lions.  The lions are kept separately in their own preserve with good reason; the many other animals within the preserve are the lions natural prey.

There’s a one-way drive-thru for you to follow car by car; however, there is plenty of room to pull off and stop and observe.  Do not get out of your car or roll down your windows!  These are wild animals and are VERY dangerous!  There are park rangers throughout the park to ensure your safety.

Admission into the park is reasonable but don’t miss out, there’s typically always a discount on admission price!  Check out the Lion Country Safari website or Groupon for a discount.  Don’t forget to use Ebates for cash back, too!


Feed me, I’m hungry!

Hand Feed Giraffes


Hand feeding the giraffes is easily the highlight of our trip each time!  Where do you get to do this outside of taking a safari trip to Africa?

There is a large platform where you literally get eye to eye with the giraffes.  They get fed all day and you have the option of buying lettuce to hand feed each one.  It’s definitely an experience you will not forget!

Make sure you come early for this experience as the giraffes tend to get full by early afternoon and they also go to find shade due to the extreme heat.


Walk-Thru Safari


Hand feeding the ALWAYS hungry, goats!

Get up close and personal with goats, sheep, porcupines, turtles, birds, and SO much more!

Enter the petting zoo and hand feed goats and sheep!  They will literally hunt you down and beg you to feed them.  They’re ALWAYS hungry!

If you have small children with you, they will absolutely love feeding the goats and sheep.  They could easily be entertained for hours!


Something for Everyone


Enjoy a leisure boat ride on the Safari Queen and learn all about the monkeys that inhabit the island of the bordering lake.  Take a stroll through the bird aviary.  Take a relaxing paddleboat ride.  Let the kiddos enjoy the waterslides.  Enjoy a carousel ride.

Don’t forget the FREE interactive sprayground and mini golf!  There’s something for everyone!


Open 365 Days A Year


Lion Country Safari is open 365 days a year.  Don’t miss this awesome safari park near West Palm Beach, Florida!  You will have SO much fun roaming this very entertaining african safari!


What’s your favorite African safari animal?